Life Always find its Balance

…..It was twelve pm now and I’m still thinking about jeans. I was thinking about jeans for 3 days now. I want to find a perfect jeans for my birthday but it’s not an easy task. It’s always too big for me even if I find the right fit then the leg is too skinny. To make the matter worse, this evening when I was checking my old jeans I was hungry so I left the jeans on the laundry basket and went to the kitchen to grab a donut to eat. It was 5 minutes and when I came out I couldn’t find my jeans. I walked around the house for a while only to find that my jeans was in the washing machine. My father put the jeans in the washing machine when I was eating donut. Putting a man jeans in a washing machine is like putting a wrong set of makeup on a woman face except that you have to live with this makeup for the rest of your life. You either buy new jeans or live with the makeup. I swear that I will never eat Dunkin donut again and went straight to bed to clear my mind. I wasn’t angry. I didn’t feel anything at all.

…..I slept for 3 hours. I walked down stair to the computer to watch a movie. The movie was so-so but there are whales in the movies and that is good. I want to swim with whale some days. I always like whale movies (especially Free Willy). I checked the email and this is when the life start to turn in the different swing.

…..I got an email from a friend that I met in Nepal. I sent my email about 3 months ago and I didn’t expect the reply by now. The email was good. I got some pictures that made me thinking about my time there and kinda make me smile. He asked me some question that makes me think about my life. There were good questions. Sometimes questions worth more than answers. I walked outside to check my jeans. It didn’t look bad like I expect. In fact it’s look better. My father must have used the normal detergent not the detergent for dark clothes that I would use if I were to watch my own jeans and with normal detergent came the nice fading effect on the jeans.

…..Back to my Nepal trip I ran out of money so I didn’t reach my final destination. I had to stay in a little town for a while to take the bus the next morning. This town wasn’t my original plan. This town wasn’t any tourists plan so there were no tourist at all. There were nothing much to do so I went for a walk. I found a boulder near a river. I sat on it. I opened my notebook to write. I noticed a girl washing clothes in the river. I stop to look. She was looking at me. She continued the laundry. She left. Another two girls came to play. They were dancing. They were smiling. I look up to the sky. The sky were filled with eagles. They were flying. They were singing the eagle song. I continued to sit there staring at the river, listening to the eagles, the river, the children playing. The sun were going down. The color changed. It was the perfect moment. It was the perfect day.

…..Life always find its balance. Sometimes the shopkeeper give you too much changes but the next day you lost the money. Sometimes your friend pays for your dinner but the next day you have to pay for your brother or sister. Sometimes someone break your heart leaving your heart feeling so empty but someday you find a perfect girl that you enjoy every moment with her that you keep asking yourself “If I were still in relationship where would I put her in my heart? I’m I gonna be the one that hurt my loved one? “

…..You cannot enjoy every moment of your life. It is a hard thing for normal people to put up with the hardship, with the sadness of life. But you can prepare. So that when the time comes. When it is your turn to smile. When life gain its balance. You will enjoy that moment to the fullest.                (I’m okay with eating Dunkin donut now)